Friday, April 24, 2009

Hip-hop sucks, look at these shirts.

Hip-hop is, as everyone knows, in a terrible state. The last couple weeks of April have been especially awful. It's enough to make a boy lose hope. I don't even have the energy to hate on Asher Roth properly. So in the absence of any hip-hop to take note of, here is some gear worth checking out.

BX's finest. Available from

Dedication to Ricky Henderson, one of the Athletic's greats. For my birth town out in the Bay Area. Also at


All City Fitted ( does some pretty sick work with custom colored fitteds. They even have a Connecticut Defenders fitted! Custom, limited runs, and very slick. An update on the caps and shipping: They do ship, and it comes to 39.99 shipping included. Though that seems pretty expensive for a hat, compared to places that turn-over product en masse very quickly, that's not a bad shake. Plus, the guy that runs it is very friendly.

Sample caps...

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