Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 Days to Brooklyn Bodega Festival - Day 1 [Homeboy Sandman]

So, on the 20th of June, an organization that promotes the hip-hop movement will be putting on a very, very exquisite showing of some of real hip-hop's up-and-coming talent, established emcees, and veterans of the game in a show called the Brooklyn Bodega Festival. The festival runs from Thursday the 18th in various venues across Brooklyn, coming together for the main show at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park on Saturday the 20th. There will be some big names there, so the Get Legs team and friends will be getting down to BK to see it. As a lead up to the show, I'll be slapping up a preview of one of the artists each day til the night before.


Today, it's Homeboy Sandman from Elmhurst, Queens. Both in and out of the AOK Collective, Homeboy Sandman (not to be confused with Sandman, formerly of Re-Up Gang) has ripped the mic on three full lengths and loads of mixtapes. Here's a warning, guy is completely out of left field and comes across corny at times, though mostly in a good way. In addition to being a class rapper, guy does some excellent work hosting and documenting some really great shows in the New York area. The website is and the video, from his series "Live From..." is below.

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