Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 Days to Brooklyn Bodega Festival - Day 7 [The Knux]

The brothers Lindsey - Kentrell aka Krispy Kream and Alvin aka Rah Almillio - make up the Knux. Originally from N'Orleans, LA, after being displaced by Katrina, these two made their way into the hip-hop scene in Los Angeles that is developing outside of the influence of the once-commercially viable gangsta rap stage. Raucous and bouncy, the Knux, which is short for the Knuckle Heads, are gaining notoriety for their intense live shows and this year grace the stage with the rest of the main-stagers. The link here redirects to the official video for their song Fire, off their debut "Remind Me in 3 Days..." At the Knux request, their videos cannot be embedded. The website - oh fish ull - is http://www.theknux.com/.

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