Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Days to Brooklyn Bodega Festival - Day 9 [Grand Puba]

Real name Maxwell Dixon, Grand Puba has been hustling to gain his reputation in hip-hop since starting the group Masters of Ceremony and releasing with them their first and last album Dynamite in 1988. After Masters of Ceremony disbanded, Grand Puba birthed the impactful alternative hip-hop group Brand Nubian in New Rochelle with Sadat X and Lord Jamar. This group would also prove to be a short venture for Puba, who was pressured to leave the group by Jamar and Sadat soon after the release of their acclaimed debut One for All in 1990.

Puba went on to kick off a solo career with the album Reel to Reel. This was followed by 2000 and then Understand This. The last flopped, and it would be more than seven years before Puba got back into the game, set to release his fourth studio LP in late June called Retroactive on the independent powerhouse Babygrande Records. In addition, the original members of Brand Nubian reformed and have continued producing socially conscious and politally charged hip-hop.

The video has Grand Puba and Lord Jamar talking about the good old days of hip-hop that cats are going to be revisting for a while. The two links are for new cuts, the first off Puba's new album, the second off of Sadat X's upcoming album Brand New Bein'.

Grand Puba - I See Dead People [f Rell, Lord Jamar]
Sadat X - Brand New Bein' [f Lord Jamar, Grand Puba]

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